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Jury Award Winner – WISER Kenya: Empowering Girls

In 2013, I was contacted by an organisation called WISER to help tell their incredible story of empowering girls in a very difficult, patriarchal society in rural Kenya. I went to the WISER campus in[…]


Wojtek: Collecting Cardboard Boxes

Wojtek is a young man with Down Syndrome, who in is own words loves Star Wars, Power Rangers, and bloody horror films.  He and his father, Jerzy, go on a journey to collect cardboard boxes.[…]


Being Eco-Conscious with Bhoomi College

Bhoomi College is a space for learning for those who are keen to work in the areas of alternative education or sustainable living. It is committed to a holistic approach to learning and living. Its[…]


Beacon Hill: The Urban Food Forest

Glen Herlihy and his team of volunteers began developing the Beacon Hill food forest in Seattle Washington back in 2009. The goal of the food forest is to not only grow a sustainable source of[…]


Ocean Defenders Alliance: Saving Marine Life

Ocean Defenders Alliance (ODA) is a marine conservation organization that became a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2002. The organization was founded by Kurt Lieber, an avid diver and self-made scholar of marine conservation news and[…]


Raising the Future

Who will ensure that all of our children, including the abandoned babies and AIDS orphans are cared for?  When Ruth Grobler grappled with that question, the answer became clear. This is a short documentary about[…]


Vivek: The Antifragile Innovator

This is the story of Vivek Chaturvedi, an “antifragile” innovator existing in modern times. Antifragile was coined by author Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder.  Aadivaahan is Vivek’s creation[…]


The Clog Maker’s Apprentice

This is the story of JoJo Wood, a young apprentice, learning the craft of Clog making. Often this type of trade is forgotten in our modern way of life, but “these crafts are a living[…]

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