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**Current Passion Winner** Born to Build Bikes

Born to Build Bikes, a short documentary film, tells the story of bicycle designer Todd Shusterman. At the age of 7, Todd received a bicycle for Christmas and assembled it himself. This experience sparked a[…]

**Current Passion Runner-up** The Shop-Window Artist

The shop-window artist portrays Martin, an art historian who owns an antiques shop. The film is about a lifetime dream that lived differently than thought. Actually, Martin wanted to study art but he was always[…]

**Current Mission Runner-up** Impact Life

Impact Life was originally created after people in my community began telling me that I should document my story of all the people I have managed to help during the last few years, but in[…]

**Current Mission Runner-up** Sa Famille

Sa Famille is a documentary film that was made in October 2015. The whole recording process took place in district 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Sa Famille is a story about Mr. Vincent Leopold[…]

**Past Audience Award** Manly Women’s Shelter: Colours

The true story of a woman who overcomes domestic violence and embraces her life, through the support of the Manly Women’s Shelter of Sydney, Australia.  The Shelter “provides support for women in crisis to help[…]

**Past Jury Award** WISER Kenya: Empowering Girls

In 2013, I was contacted by an organisation called WISER to help tell their incredible story of empowering girls in a very difficult, patriarchal society in rural Kenya. I went to the WISER campus in[…]