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The Stories Lived Online Video Contest will present $5,300 in cash prizes across multiple categories, awarded over a 3.5 month period.

  • Personal Triumph Finalists:  3 Finalists selected | $200 awarded to each Finalist (determined by Stories Lived staff.)
  • Personal Passion Finalists:  3 Finalists selected | $200 awarded to each Finalist (determined by Stories Lived staff.)
  • Personal Mission Finalists:  3 Finalists selected | $200 awarded to each Finalist (determined by Stories Lived staff.)
  • Audience Award Winner:  1 Winner from 9 Finalists | $1,500 to Winner (determined by online vote.)
  • Jury Award Winner:  1 Winner from 9 Finalists | $2,000 to Winner (determined by our esteemed Jury.)



    1. Review our About page in detail, text and video.  Understand it.  Videos will only be accepted if they do follow the message and theme of Stories Lived.
    2. Video shorts must be no longer than 5 minutes (before the required Stories Lived bumpers).  A trailer to a longer film may be submitted, and a link to the full film can be included in the description area.
    3. Eligible videos must (1) begin with the Stories Lived Intro Bumper and (2) conclude with the Stories Lived Final Bumper.  (By submitting your video you authorize Stories Lived to add the bumpers on to your video if they are not included.  Please note that you can host your video without the Stories Lived bumpers on any other platform you like. For more on this see our FAQ).
    4. The videos must be a true story and convey a beautiful outcome – one from which we can all learn. Tell the story through video: WHY AND HOW THEY DID IT.
    5. Videos must fit one of the following categories:
      1. Personal Triumph Category: Stories about individuals who inspire those around them simply by how they approach and overcome obstacles with grace and dignity.  Watch Janelle: Living, Laughing and Loving with Family on website for an example.
      2. Personal Passion Category:  Stories about individuals who have found their calling, meaning, and purpose in this lifetime, and how it inspires others around them.  Watch Double Digits: The Story of a Neighborhood Movie Star on website for an example.
      3. Personal Mission Category: Stories about change makers who live their lives embodying a mission of change to make the world a better place.  Watch Sylvester Bhaiya: Transforming the Lives of Slum Children Through Soccer on website for an example.
    6. If you want us to tag you on Social Media in the future when we promote your video, like us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.



    1. Deadline for submission is:  July 26, 2017 at 11:59 PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time.  (Stories Lived reserves the right to extend deadlines.  Dates of Winner announcements to be determined.)
    2. Audience Award: To be announced on or about August 4th ,2017.
    3. Jury Award: To be announced August 5th ,2017.
    4. Stories Lived will make all award announcements via Email and Social Media.



    1. There is no limit on submissions, so enter as many video shorts in as many categories as you like!
    2. There are no age restrictions.
    3. Entrants need to provide a link with their submission so that Stories Lived can actually download the file.
    4. MP4 file type is preferred.
    5. Stories Lived reserves the right to use all video entries for advertising and promotional purposes.
    6. Stories Lived will not accept videos that do not fit the themes and categories of this website and contest, and / or that are clearly meant for business promotional interests.
    7. Please be wary of illegally using other people’s music, artwork, or other content by making sure all rights and permissions have been properly secured.
    8. View full Contest Terms and Conditions here.
    9. Submit a Story!


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