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There is a Place

There is a Place, where the relationship between human & nature was broken off, but there is always a Hope!
Ukrainian journalist & filmmaker Denys Kushnarov visited the exclusion zone of Chernobyl tragedy & researched how it`going on after 30 years of nuclear disaster. It seems that nature can heal even its deepest wounds.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Denys Kushnarov

Denys Kushnarov: Ukrainian filmmaker & journalist, born in Donetsk region, Ukraine. He graduated from lyceum “Erudite” with golden medal (specialization: Liberal Arts), Donetsk National University, specialization: Translator (German, English). Then changed everything & moved to Kyiv, won in the quiz show money, which helped him to graduate from TV-school. He worked as a printed journalist for travel magazines. After that started to work at the top Ukrainian TV-Channel as journalist & screenwriter. In 2015 started to shoot documentaries as a film director.

His documentary “Rocketman” awarded as the best Ukrainian short 2015 by National Filmmakers’ Union of Ukraine. Other short documentaries entered to the Official Selection of different Film Festivals.

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