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Stories Lived Video Contest Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still keep the video on my own platform (e.g. website, Vimeo channel, YouTube Channel etc), without the Stories Lived Bumpers? 

  • ANSWER:  Yes!  We have no problem with you maintaining your video on your own platforms and channels, without the bumpers.  The Stories Lived bumpers are for our marketing purposes only.  Any other place you have your entry posted, personal website, Vimeo, etc. you do not have to have the bumpers on.  It is your video, we are just hosting it and marketing it for you and us, and in the process marketing you as a filmmaker as well which is why we give full credit and backlinks to filmmakers’ own sites.

Can I submit a previously released video that is posted elsewhere? 

  • ANSWER:  Yes!  Just submit us a version with the bumpers on it.

How should I submit my video link?

  • ANSWER:  We are looking for any link that is downloadable.  Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive appear to be the most common.  But send us anything.  We’ll let you know if we have any problems downloading.

Will categories that have been closed be re-opened at a future date?

  • ANSWER:  Yes!  Stories Lived will be hosting regular competitions.  Contact us directly to inquire about submitting for a category that is currently closed.  We can accept the entry early and will hold onto it until the category is re-opened at a later date.